art direction, design, infographics and illustration for print and digital

print design and art direction

Award winning graphic design and art direction, specializing in informational graphics. Expert user of inDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and more!

Publications: InfoWorld, Antic, Amiga Plus, STart, Mac Home Journal, Palm Springs Life, Healthy Living, Digital World, PCWorld...


Charts, graphs, maps, tables, diagrams, how-to and technical illustration.

Clients: Mother Jones, Business 2.0, Consumer Reports, Fortune, Addison Wesley, Smithsonian, Success, AdWeek, IBM/Lotus, Time Inc., U. S. News & World Report, Forbes, New York Times Custom Publishing, Streaming Media, Entrepreneur...


Photoshop collage and Illustrator graphic line-drawing styles.

Clients: Money, Profit, Smart Money, Information Week, Publish, McGraw-Hill, ComputerLife, Scuba Diving, 3D Design, NetGuide, Windows Sources, Beyond Computing, Windows, Computer Currents, Unix Review, Advanced Systems, New Media...


Cell: 415-533-9700
Email: jeffberlin (at) jeffberlindesign (dot) com

Address: 23 Baker Ct.
Petaluma, California, 94952